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Statement Rewards

Statement Rewards, powered by BillShrink, delivers exclusive, money-saving merchant rewards plus personalized recommendations on your recurring bills.

How does it work?

StatementRewards are selected based on your unique spending pattern and are conveniently offered directly within your online banking statement.


What is a Statement Reward?

Statement Rewards is an innovative new feature within Online Banking. Statement Rewards will present you money-saving opportunities directly within your Online Banking session. Specifically, the Statement Rewards' patent-pending matching technology analyzes previous and current transactions to select and show rewards tailored just for you.

What type of rewards might I be offered?

The rewards that you will receive will be based on your transaction activity, which ensures that the experience is highly-personalized and relevant. There are two primary reward types: purchase rewards and bill analyzer recommendations. Purchase rewards will typically provide deals/discounts at the country's leading retailers such as department stores, restaurants, specialty stores, etc. The bill analyzer feature allows you to do a personalized search and find money-saving recommendations on important monthly expenses such as your cell phone bill, TV service, gas fill-ups, etc.

Is it free?  Is there a catch?

Statement Rewards is completely free. The rewards you may received are being offered to you by merchants eager to do more business with you, and are spending money rewarding you instead of on traditional advertising.

Is it safe to use Statement Rewards?

Absolutely. Our automated technology selects rewards for you by securely reviewing your basic transaction activity. No personally-identifiable information is ever used or stored in order to identify these compelling personalized savings opportunities.

What if I don't want to receive Statement Rewards?

If you prefer not to benefit from Statement Rewards, you always have the option of opting-out from the service. Simply select the "disable offers" link within Online Banking.